ʻWhen Love Is Not Enoughʻ By Pleshette Adkins

Book Review: “Past Due” Author: Pleshette Adkins

“When Love is…Not Enough”

By Aaris A. Schroeder Editor-In-Chief of UBO MAG

This is a book that was sent to me from the author to review at UBO MAG. Pleshette Adkins is an author who lives in and has an educational background in Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management. Her favorite saying is, “If you can dream it and speak it then you can achieve it.

This story is about a woman who gets married to her high school sweetheart after being amiss for over 20 years. This book talks about the struggles of living in an abusive relationship and how her main character, Michelle Marie is able to regain the strength and power within herself to get back to who she really was and not live in the past or with the abuse any longer.

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