5G Expansion for Sacramento Residents And What It Really Means

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By Heather Leeann Contributing WriterPublic Announcement/Opinion


Everyone should get involved and share this information far and wide; let us do our part. Some Sacramento residents may be experiencing firsthand the “5G expansion” on your private property. Without notice. Without your consent.

Here’s a few things you can do to help yourself immediately:

1) Request from your city staff or departments a COMPLETE Radio Frequency Compliance Report (CPRA) for the 5G installation(s) near your home.

a. Have the CPRA analyzed by different sources.

b. Force Telecom applicants to fill out ALL information, dates, addresses, contact, etc.

c. Uncover improper City Planning permitting & force into compliance. Identify ANYTHING in the City Council Agenda that did not go through proper channels. Document all of this.

2) Your city representatives need to know that the Telecom industry is no longer insured by insurance underwriters, such as Lloyd’s of London, for “Radio Frequency Injury Lawsuits.” The underwriters know a tidal wave of class action lawsuits are on their way so insurance underwriters have dropped R.F. Injury coverage causing the Telecom industry to rig the game so that ALL the liability will land on the city/county agencies. This means THEY will personally be liable… and without a net.

3) In writing;

a. Let the City know that you were not notified in advance of work. b. Let the city know that they do NOT have your consent. c. Let the city know that you have the right to be fully and factually informed about what you [and your family] are going to be unwillingly exposed to.

4) Request ALL communications with Telecom representatives and city officials, employees, contractors; every city council person, planner, planning commissioner, and city manager from January ʻ15 to present time [it is called California Public Records Act Request]. Look for evidence of collusion.

5) Go down to your escrow office and ask for a grant deed on your property. If there is no easement then tell the Telcom workers to stay off your private property–they have been trespassing.

If you are interested in this conversation and how to educate and get folks involved, please reply here to spark the conversation or contact Heather Leeann (The Homemade Hippie), an advocate for the environment, people, animals and all things healthy!

5g Is Coming

What some media sources have shared: Enraged residents call telecom officials greedy and a threat to public health by bathing neighborhoods in radio waves. City officials have charged some wireless companies have deliberately ignored local rules, and they have petitioned the FCC to update radio-frequency exposure standards in hopes of easing residents’ concerns over small-cells’ health effects. 

President Donald Trump has joined the debate, signing an executive order in January that calls on federal agencies “to use all viable tools to accelerate” broadband deployment in rural areas on federal lands. “Those towers are going to go up, and you’re going to have great, great broadband,” Trump said.

Enraged residents call telecom officials greedy and a threat to public health by bathing neighborhoods in radio waves. 

King said he called local realtors who confirmed that his home value would likely take a hit. “Nobody wants a big antenna sitting outside their bedroom window,” he said.

Why companies/government wants to allow 5G What’s needed, the wireless industry says, is 5G. The next generation network, still in development, is a combination of advanced hardware and standards such as distributed antenna systems, more fiber-optic cable, new data management practices and higher frequencies that will enable the network to carry more data up to 100 times faster than 4G.

5g Sacramento

5G will depend on so-called millimeter waves. These high-frequency bands, however, don’t travel as far as the signals 4G relies on and are easily blocked by walls, trees and even rain. So the network needs to be dense, with cells placed much closer together. That means way more wireless facilities. More than 300,000 cells are now in operation nationwide, and estimates for the number of small cells needed to make 5G work range from hundreds of thousands to millions more.

More Information Can Be Found At: City Of Sacramento: 5G Pilot Service “Verizon will begin offering 5G to pilot customers in the City of Sacramento during the first half of 2017. Verizon will also be running pilots in the following metropolitan areas: Ann Arbor, Atlanta, Bernardsville (NJ), Brockton (MA), Dallas, Denver, Houston, Miami, Sacramento, Seattle and Washington, D.C. This is an important step in providing gigabit broadband service to homes and offices via a wireless 5G connection.” According to the City of Sacramento.

5G Verizon

Updates on 5G:

UN Secretary General Confesses Ignorance on Known 5G Dangers Info Provided By GreenMedInfo.com

“Stop 5G Immediately.”

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