Album Review: Cesar Comanche’s Newest Album, “Die In Your Lap”

By Marie Carmeli Hocson Staff Writer

After listening to Cesar Comanche’s new album, “Die in Your Lap,” it is apparent that the organic arrangement of beats and lyrics are authentic to its title.  Cesar Comanche says the album title comes from Shakespeare’s, “Much Ado About Nothing” in which the meaning “die in your lap” becomes an analogy of a man’s process and the finality of having an orgasm. Comanche’s has taken this Shakespearian line as a paradox to the process and growth of his rap career the last 10 years.  Innovative lyrics and soulful samples in combination with laid back beats produced by 9th Wonder, Lord Quest, Krhysis, Marvelous Beats and Apple Juice Kid.

Image Contributed by Cesar Comanche

Image Contributed by Cesar Comanche

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