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awkword [the mc]

the fallen angel, the bleeding heart, the impossible question, the brutal truth, the beautiful answer.

awkword lives and fights hip-hop. Growing up an angry Jew in a W.A.S.P. nest, he found solace in the written word, then the recorded song, then the live show. He went from fighting with fists to forging new frameworks and with a street protest background; his message is finally being heard.

Catch awkword free-styling on the streets of Brooklyn; rocking a “nazi punks fuck off” t-shirt to Fat Beats or blessing a screaming; triple-digit crowd in Danbury, CT.

awkword entered the world of hip-hop as a graffiti artist and now utilizes that same raw energy, rebelliousness and vigor in his recorded and live music. With the pen power of E.E. Cummings and the persuasiveness of a politician, he raps love and hate, drugs and alcohol, politics and pretty ladies.

awkword is the good and the bad of hip-hop, rethought and reworked, blended and encapsulated in one man, one mic with metaphors and stories, screaming Satan or singing celestial.

When he spits, the world is speaking.

"Commute" by AWKWORD.  -Photo Courtesy by AWKWORD

"Commute" by AWKWORD. -Photo Courtesy by AWKWORD

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