Citrus-Rosemary Turkey For the Holidays or Not

By Aaris A. Schroeder Editor-In-Chief

I am going to share a recipe with you that is sacred. The first turkey and the last turkey I will ever make.  I have never made a turkey before this recipe and even though it was made through my own trial-and-error throughout the years, people still remember, “The Citrus Turkey.”

Okay, I am going to give you the ingredients as well as how to do this all by yourself (AKA D.I.Y.) and don’t forget to give this little lady the credit for your holiday menu item. Ingredients

Your Beautiful Turkey Kosher or Sea Salt Brown Suga,Turpentine Sugar, Honey Rosemary Oranges Lemons More Honey Black Ground Pepper Red Onions Shallots Garlic (For Bad Spirits) Olive Oil, Coconut Oil or your Favorite Healthful Oil

Take your beautiful turkey and place it breast-side down for the filling. Chop up all citrus, onions, shallots, garlic, garlic, rosemary. Be sure to keep citrus in 1/8 segments, onions & garlic in quarters and garlic minced. Keep each ingredient chopped or cut in piles according to chop or cut.

Brining helps to influence the meat in positive ways so if you want your turkey brined over night, you can emerge turkey in a 5-lb bucket of water mixed with ¾ pounds of sugar and salt enough to taste like the ocean over night. Give it 12 hours and then get to work.

Now for the innards. Take those out and if you don’t plan on making gravy, toss them or give them to your non-vegan pooch, he likes those.

Place Turkey Breast-side up and begin sliding your fingers under the turkey’s skin. Once you have a fair amount of skin place some minced shallot, red onion, rosemary, cracked black pepper, salt, garlic. Once completed, slide in thin sliced citrus into the skin.

Now slather turkey in all that jazz and once completed slide into the oven at 325 degrees; breast side down or the regulated turkey temperature for the size of your bird. Once completed, foil your prized possession, allowing the sides of foil to reach the sides of the pan, not the turkey.

You will now follow directions given to you from your turkey-sponsor. Once turkey is about ¾ cooked (according to those darn directions on the turkey) pull it out of the oven and ask someone to assist you to turn turkey over. Slather olive or coconut oil and honey all over the breast. The reason why we do this is because juices flow from top to bottom. Once we flip the bird, we are allowing those juices to do their magic work on the bottom of the turkey. Leave turkey in the oven, breast-side up until it is roasted to perfection (usually 45 minutes to an hour).

Once completed, pull out and allow to sit for about 30-minutes because this is a big bird. Once ready, prepare yourself to slice into the best rosemary-citrus turkey you have put in your mouth like ever!

Your house will smell great, your guests will be flabbergasted and their mouths will enjoy. Happy Turkey Day!!

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