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Not only is -Go one of Northern CA’s best spoken word artists and a brand-new father [winter ’08] but he also is a TV show host and producer as well as a promoter for local indie open-mics.  Check him out from the Bay to Sacramento.  -Go has energy and love for poetry and his friends of whom he calls family — support local arts and venues.  Creating The Sacramento Slam Team -Go had the chance to leave CA to battle amongst other poets, US-wide.

Photo Courtesy of -Go

Photo Courtesy of -Go


Broken Cycle

By -Go

She’s got a lot of love to give but only 1 life to live so she gives it to her 3 kids. They’re the motivation and foundation for everything she did and all the pain she hid.

They’re in heavy rotations in her mind. Frustrated she finds when she can’t find the time, its like the grind seems to bind her hands to keep her in line.

This woman expands her designs, seems a crime to work so hard to be so far from these tidings for which you bid. But that’s just how it is. That’s the life she lives.

Stress, duress and depression can be a blessin’ if you pull from it a lesson but it can also be a Smith and Wesson testin’ ya’ character and will for flaws keep you second-guessin’, perpetuate more questions.

And sometimes, sections of the Bay Bridge, they do fall. Sometimes it seems too much to absorb it all. You want to take the fall, tired and expired crawl into a ball, hide inside with only your pride shutting out the world and say fuck it all.

But for them she can’t. She’s must take a stand and stand tall. She has no time to stall. She must heed the call.

Success in her mind is not defined by designer jeans with white stitched seams, its the time she finds to tie the memories and enjoy pleasantries with her 3 boys. It is her only joy.

It’s why she hoist her exhausted frame up at five am again and again, doesn’t have time to spend with friends, workin’ three jobs so she can raise 3 men.

She can’t comprehend the trends that are sent through bent antenaes, she’s worked all day and slaves away to cook dinner, raise three winners, keep heat on in the winter, she ain’t worried about chrome spinners.

She ain’t scurrying about living her life a sinners. And though her dreams may seem splintered her determination has never been hindered or ever grown thinner, it just not within her.

So she struggles some more to keep together these four. So she snuggles her core to show she loves and adores. She muddles through chores before her shift at the store. No medal, plaque, pat on the back, hoarded and stored, her pain is ignored.

And yeah, it’d be nice to have a good man to around the house but she don’t need a spouse if the man is a louse. She don’t need to shout, “Get the hell out of my house.” She don’t need to pout, she can work it on out.

And as the days slip away she prays for a way, maybe a date would be great with a mate who relates. But she’ll still sit here and wait, only she decides her fate. She’ll start a clean slate, scrape hate from the plate of these boys teachin’ how to be men, knowing this cycle, will never be repeated again.

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