‘Goodbye To 2020’ Poetry By Jhantu Randall

Goodbye to 2020 By Jhantu Randall

2020 will be one for the books —

Unrest gave us looks at so many half assed crooks.

It was the year of exposing the façade,

Arrogance of the people who thought their EGO was GOD.

E.G.O. stands for Easing God Out;

Not religious but even I saw that beyond a reasonable doubt.

This year the virus may not have gotten too close but the beast definitely got me

Working endlessly, American Zombie.

Cog in the machine

Still finding time to grind on my dreams…

But for what?

Cynical that 2021 will suddenly show love.

Never giving up

In fact beyond trying to start

How do I accumulate this money without selling a piece of my soul or tearing out my heart?

Now I lie in wake, sure to get my grasp ‘Cause this year showed me many of us will still be here after the collapse.

Jhantu Randall is a Staff Writer for UBO MAG for over two years. Feel free to contact him about his featured articles and poetry published here at UBO MAG and elsewhere. Check out Jhantu Randal on Social Media Facebook Twitter IG

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