‘Holiday State of Mind’ Poetry By Jhantu Randal

Holiday State of Mind By Jhantu Randall

Long days stretch into endless nights;

Only the stars keep me company as they shine a light.

Random music plays just to ease my mind;

This place is desolate —

Holiday season during Covid times.

Instances of enjoyment emerges behind lifeless sights

Relieved smiles hold back the pain resting in everyone’s eyes .

One of many at risk yet I do it everyday;

Try to come to terms with it as my restless body lays.

Survivors of this experiment or a bunch of false positives?

Truth be told, this is the price when you’re trained to chase opulence. Jhantu Randall is a Staff Writer for UBO MAG for over two years. Feel free to contact him about his featured articles and poetry published here at UBO MAG and elsewhere. Check out Jhantu Randal on Social Media Facebook Twitter IG

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