Hot To Trot, R. Jayʻs ʻOne Day At A Timeʻ Is FM Radioʻs Buzz Song

By Aaris A. Schroeder Editor-In-Chief July 9, 2019

Released just over four months ago, the single, “One Day At A Time” is a gentle reflection of what is sweet in life and is topping charts in Urban Adult Contemporary Music right now, according to Mediabase. The artist, R Jay, whose father is a Congolese vocalist has found passion for music at a young age who is a natural at the guitar as early as six-years-old. R Jay, who is now 27-years-old is still a bit of a mystery and is hard to look up online but according to Devine Jamz Gospel Network, “One Day At A Time” has had radio play across the nation on FM radio. “Our prayer is that R Jay will receive great support from the targeted listening audience in selected areas,” shares Devine Jamz which is a faith-based online marketing business that works side-by-side with Christian music promoters, marketers and networks with many resources that assist Christian singer-songwriters, record labels, producers and others in the music business. “One Day At A Time” has a Caribbean-Island touch, similar to Jawaiian (music made by Hawaiian artists with a Jamaican twist). It is family-friendly and just a great song to put you in a good mood. It is easy to see how this track has already topped charts and has had major airplay all over the nation and in Europe thanks to entertainment company, Importers of Excellence who worked along side J Ray and partnered with Devine Jamz in production and promotion. Check out the music video and add this single to your summertime music mix. R Jayʻs single, “One Day At A Time” is available for purchase at Itunes, Spotify, CDBaby and Amazon Music.

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New Radio Single By R Jay Receive Commercial FM Radio Airplay According To Mediabase

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