Sacramento, CA-Based Abstract Artist Angelica Newby To Enter Art Residency at Chateau Dʻ Orquevaux F


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Sacramento, CA-Based Abstract Artist Angelica Newby To Enter Art Residency at Chateau Dʻ Orquevaux For Artists & Writers

Kapaa, HI, August 25, 2019 – Visual Artist, Angelica V. Newby who is known for her massive abstract illustrations turn art therapy and her Emotive Surface Pattern Designer is on her way to the Champagne-Ardenne side of Orquevaux, France to meet with other visual artists and writers as a part of a residency planned to last for six weeks beginning during Sept. 2019.

Newby moved to Sacramento, CA a few years back when she picked up her old past time, illustrations and pattern-drawing. The story goes a bit further back as she was born in East-Orange, New Jersey being raised on the East Coast. She left to attend The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale in Florida where she claimed to have spent a couple of years in the Game Art and Design Program and she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design while working as a freelance designer. The textile designs Newby makes are a form of art therapy for not only herself but for those who appreciate her art pieces and is the mainstay for her business AmaizinKart. View Newbyʻs art at https://www.amaizinkart.com/. For those who are interested in purchasing Newbyʻs wallpaper and fabric designs, please visit https://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/amaizink_art?sort=classic&substrate=wallpaper.

“My wish is to take viewers on a journey of the heart through various applications of my designs.” Newby shares.

History about the Chateau dʻOruevaux reaches back into the seventeen century and has had many different owners. The Chateau has always celebrated the artist for their talents and what they offer the world, not just their craftsmanship. More recently in the twentieth century, the Chateau has offered The A-i-R Grant to applied artists and writers for their workmanship in the arts and goes towards their cost of the residency. Newby was one of those who were accepted. Chateau dʻOrquevaux prides itself on creating a “self-motivated” limited-distractions-kind-of-space where “most meals are provided and artists can fully immerse themselves in the environment and the French country lifestyle.” This is according to the Chateau’s website, https://www.chateauorquevaux.com which also shares that there will be about 15 artists-in-residence at the time.

Of course, students experience will start off with an internship where they will help out around the property, mainly cleaning, helping out with projects on the land and, obviously, taking care of the goats. Then, thereafter, they will begin their actual residency as the artists they are.

Newby has been raising funds for the last nine months to help supplement costs for her residency come Sept. She has been looking to raise $1,200 and has already raised a few hundred to get started. Newby already has created a fan base for her art and has been focusing on art shows the last three years, becoming quite accomplished in Sacramento. Visit her GoFundMe account at thttps://www.gofundme.com/artist-residency-in-francesupport-qpoc-artist and help support local artists in their residencies abroad.


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These images are textile and painting examples of Angelica V Newbyʻs artwork. Her website shows products with her textile designs that are available now for a limited time. Images provided by AmaizInk Art. 

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