Smoke In The New Year: Riding in Style to Usher in The New Year

Smoke In The New Year: Ushering in 2019 By Jhantu Randall Staff Writer

Not to dance around the truth but ʻ18 was like being caught in the eye of a hurricane all year regardless of where you stand. It was the year where the abnormal became normal and acceptable broadened its definition. Not to say the whole year was a disaster; individually I witnessed many make huge strides in their careers as they completed an additional chapter in the story of their dreams.

Pulling up to an awaiting bus sitting idle on Fawcett St in Washington, the woman I was blessed to bring in the New Year with and myself were rushing to make sure we got there before the 9:30 PM departure time. As we loaded the bus we were greeted by Nika Cee, the woman behind the show we planned on attending. We signed some waivers and were on our way to Frankie’s Sports Pub in Olympia, not so far away. After making a few quick stops so people could get some last minute party favors, the music began blaring from every part of the bus as people took requests and shared playlists from their phones. This crow was definitely the ʻgrown and sexyʻ type. Fluctuating between ʻ90s Rhythm and Blues and early ʻ00s Hip-Hop. The bus was full of people drinking, smoking and just celebrating everything within the last year, hoping to do it justice.

The bus finally made it to Frankies and we went upstairs where Gerald Beamon, also known as Realife of Crown the Kings Entertainment was taking tickets and generally watching the door for this private event. After seeing the open floor, where DJ Kure was setting the sound for the night, I made my way to the bar and just observed everything.

From the sponsors and people arranging themselves in the roped off VIP area to the general hustle of the players shooting pool on the multitude of tables, this was the buildup to New Years. Kicking off the show was George Kush who jumped into a freestyle over the “Five Fingers of Death.” His voice carried the atmosphere as he set off what was to come throughout the rest of the evening. After greeting Yahh Music’s Tazz Jones and King Kells, we entered the VIP section to join Lazerrick Holiday of 03 Entertainment as we awaited the upcoming performance. Within a 10-minute slot, Tazz and Fasa jumped into their set with their single. “Still Dope” being the song that immediately caught my ear.

King Kells addition to the duo’s set added another layer to their already high energy show. Fasa’s voice pierced through the speakers which set the tone for the song. The set featuring “Crewboy Verse” and “Mesill 4 Real” played perfectly as we all talked about the performances at hand and celebrated a new year to come.

The final two performers; who forced me to pay attention. Killer Cam brought raw passion through her voice and delivery. Camʻs bars showed her willingness to stand toe to toe with anybody in the game right now. I am always drawn to stories told by artists who you can tell have paved their own way regardless of the walls placed in front of them. Last up was K-Sleez who gave me insights into things I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise with his unique style of Hip-Hop. His lyricism was both vulgar, darkly hilarious and technically sharp from the aspect of verse structure.

After officially counting down to the New Year, we ushered in ʻ19 by holding close those we have created bonds with. Everyone congratulated each other for another year lived and an array of futures yet to be written. From there everyone mingled with one another as we continued to drink and smoke herb from a variety of sources. At the end of the experience that evening, we all loaded the bus again, taking snapshots that captured this moment in time before we began making the journey back to the real world. The place where we all begin to create new experiences that will define the upcoming year.

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