What Does “Faded” Mean, Mr. West?

What Does “Faded” Mean, Mr. West?

By Aaris A. Schroeder Editor-In-Chief

Kanye West suprisingly released, “Faded” (The Life of Pablo) recently and I had the chance to watch it during the VMA’s (Video Music Awards) on August 28. This super strange song and video features emcees Ty Dolla $ign and Post Malone. To my amazement, the video was super simple, recording artist Teyana Taylor dancing retro-flashdance style in tiny gym clothes (i.e. thong and sports bra) around a weight lifting machine and then ending with her and her lover and fiance, NBA player, Iman Shumpert, their baby and a bunch of sheep. What does this mean?

For starters, Taylor met West back in ’08 and began to work with him in ’12, when he signed her to his label, G.O.O.D. Music. In ’14, Taylor released her album, “VII,” according to Refinery29. She was also a judge on “America’s Best Dance Crew.”

Jae Blaze, choreagrapher and music director for the video tells PigeonsandPlanes that West wanted to take this video “to the next level” and that it is crazy that people reference “flashdance to 2016,” almost ignoring what the public takes the video as, pure evil and illuminati. If you do not believe me, read Youtube comments about the video that I show below.

“I think the vision behind that was how amazing Teyana is, and how she’s been on the rise, and how she’s working, and you are now seeing her blossom into this fierce lioness, this fierce cat. She has worked her way into that, and she’s in a great position right now in her life. She has her family. She’s being held down by her amazing husband. She has a beautiful daughter. You know, the lioness always protects her baby. I think it really is about her coming into her fierceness. And that’s where she is in her life right now. She is blossoming.” Jae Blaze tells PigeonsandPlanes.

One guess is that after watching a sexually charged video (that West created, lol), Taylor literally takes on what men think of first when they see such a sexy creature, “pussy” and the sheep are the ga-ga, drooley-faced sexist men watching the video. I guess West’s “Jesus Walks” days are long over. Too bad, maybe that means that he is “Faded” too.

I checked into Youtube to see what users thought about this strange video:

Tappatios3 hours ago

The sheep at the end are people that follow all the new trends and she’s a cat because all guys care about now a days is pussy and there’s a baby to resemble baby Jesus?

Fadi Ghanem1 hour ago

it’s all Illuminati, sheep to go against the Bible

Tay Luc21 hours ago

They’re promoting Beastiality. The sheep represent the people. Y’all obsessed with Teyana (with good reason she’s beautiful) but understand the message

jerusdc1 day ago (edited)

Porn and Beastiality. Your mother would be rolling in her grave Kanye. Satan worshipping idiot. Jesus walks to get famous, Then Devil worship.

Thaís Cavalcante21 hours ago

Am I the only one wondering wtf is happening to kanye west???

Die Ber19 hours ago

He is trying to make people believe that he is some sort of distant, crazy genius whom nobody can fully understand. He is nothing more than a few good beats, random ass videos and Kim Kardashian.

Carmicha3l17 hours ago

Uh, he’s in the illuminati so this is all typical brainwashing technique

ogorjefan1 day ago

It is philosophical song about how we are all just insignificant little people in never ending passage of time and he starts to feel like he is fading from importance.

Marek Toman1 day ago

Symbolic videos? It’s pretty simple, people are sheep and will turn into what’s trendy. I mean look at the way, she’s dancing, don’t it remind you of some ” faded ” stars, who were super talented and then some stars who only got famous because of selling sex in their music videos? I guess you should not think about symbols, but about meaning of this video as a whole.

iSmileFX12 hours ago

you got that all wrong, kanye is referencing the utopia, a time to come (again) where the planet is at its golden age this yet to come golden age, is described in the bible almost as a paradise restored on the earth. a place we currently don’t have. And the fade term throughout the song ( i feel the fade) is referencing this utopia feeling. kanye is always talking about how a human utopia is possible if we as humanity want it. the bible references a utopia as ” “The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, and the leopard shall lie down with the young goat, and the calf and the lion and the fattened calf together; and a little child shall lead them. Isaiah 11:6” which is practically what kanye put in at the end

What do you think the music video is about? Leave your comments!

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